Crudia gracilis

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Crudia gracilis


Slender shrub to 2.4 m high, or tree 5-25 m high. Leaves (1-, 2- or) 3-foliolate, petiole and rachis 1-3 cm long, glabrous. Stipules minute. Inflorescences axillary, at the ends of new leafy shoots, 8-15(-30) cm long, pendulous, loosely flowered, the rachis glabrous, bracteoles minute; pedicels very short or almost invisible. Stamens 8 or 9; filaments free, glabrous, alternately shorter and longer; anthers broadly ovoid.


Asia-Tropical, Johore present, Peninsular present, Perak present, Wellesley present
Thailand (Peninsular); in Malesia: Malay Peninsula (Perak, Wellesley, Johore).


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