Mapania monostachya

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Mapania monostachya


Leaves subcoriaceous, linear, with the midnerve very prominent on the underside and 2 of the lateral nerves more or less prominent above, serrulate-scabrous on margins and midnerve at least in the upper part, the apex gradually narrowed into a filiform, triquetrous, aculeate-scabrous acumen, hardly narrowed at the conduplicate base, brilliant metallic blue-green, 20-40 cm by 2-4 mm; Inflorescence consisting of a single spikelet, 6-10 by 2-3 mm. Flowers 4-6 mm long; Stamens 3;


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present (Sarawak present), Kuala Belalong present, Mt Dulit present, N. Borneo present, Sanggau present, Sungei Simun present, Temburong present, Upper Rejang R present, W. Borneo present
Malesia: Borneo (Sarawak: Upper Rejang R., Mt Dulit; N. Borneo: Distr. Temburong, Kuala Belalong; W. Borneo: Sungei Simun and Sanggau).


The smallest species of the genus, very similar in habit to Paramapania gracillima from the Philippines (see p. 488). Readily distinguishable from this by the longer flowers and glumes, the number of stamens, the linear much longer anthers, the flower-scales not spinulose on the keel, and the different shape of the nut.


RICHARDS 1936 – In: J. Ecol.: 15