Sphaerostephanos gymnorachis

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Sphaerostephanos gymnorachis


Asia-Tropical: Borneo (Sabah present), Mt Kinabalu present
Malesia: Sabah (Mt Kinabalu), in forest at 1500 m.


In addition to the type collection, Clemens 28233 and 28382 (from Tenompok, 1500 m) have pinnae not opposite and upper surface between veins covered with many appressed hairs; Clemens 29050 (Silau Basin. 2100 m) is a smaller plant (pinnae to 9 xl.5 cm) with almost sterile fronds, differing in scattered pale hairs 1 mm long on lower surface of rachis. S. gym- norachis may be a fully developed form of S. lobangensis.