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Dioecious tree. Leaves spirally arranged, entire, coriaceous, penninerved, petioled. Inflorescences axillary, 3-5 peduncled cymes arranged to a panicle. Petals 4, valvate, smooth inside. Ovary with a lateral gibbosity; Seed not yet known.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present
Monotypic; in Malesia: New Guinea.


Closely allied to Gastrolepis TIEGH., a monotypic genus from New Caledonia, from which it differs by the subcapitate stigma, clearly set off from the ovary (in Gastrolepis rather small and on top of the gradually attenuate ovary), the large midrib on the concave side of the endocarp (which is not present in Gastrolepis), the squamular disk which is adnate only to the very base of the ovary, and otherwise free (adnate at base and both sides such as to form a pocket in Gastrolepis), and the unisexual flowers and gia-brous filaments (bisexual and with numerous hairs in Gastrolepis).