Ginalloa siamica

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Ginalloa siamica


Plant moderately robust, erect, 50-80 cm in diam. Leaves rudimentary and normally developed in successive pairs; normally developed leaves broadly elliptic to broadly ovate, cuneate at the base to an obscure petiole 2-4 mm long, rounded at the apex, 3- or 5-nerved, with veins visible on both sides, 25-60 by 20-40 mm; rudimentary leaves in pairs alternating regularly with normally developed leaves, 2-4 mm above each leafy node, ragged, c. 1 mm high. Inflorescencess commonly terminal, often in threes, sometimes axillary, 20-35 mm long, a spike of 8-10 pairs of triads; internodes 1.5-5 mm long; bracteal cup c. 1 mm long, spreading; bracteoles acute, irregularly serrate, c. 0.5 mm long. Fruit ellipsoid, smooth or finely verrucose, not seen mature.


Asia-Tropical: Cambodia (Cambodia present); Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present); Philippines (Philippines present); Thailand (Thailand present)
Thailand, Cambodia; Malesia: Peninsular Malaysia, Philippines.


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