Weinmannia sect. Fasciculatae

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Weinmannia sect. Fasciculatae


Branching not dichotomous. Stipules usually ± orbicular, constricted at base and rounded at apex. Inflorescence of 1-3 opposite pairs of partial inflorescences (PIs) inserted in series in axils of most distal pairs of leaves; Flowers pedicellate and inserted entirely or largely in fascicles, i.e. several pedicels arising in a group, the group subtended by a single small bract, or rarely inserted singly (W. des-combesiana). Capsules with valves ± smooth and indumentum softly pubescent;


Asia-Tropical, western Pacific, extending as far east as Fiji present
About 20 species in Malesia and the western Pacific, extending as far east as Fiji.