Chamaecrista mindanaensis

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Chamaecrista mindanaensis


Shrub or small tree up to 5 m tall; young parts puberulous later glabrous. Leaves with (7-)10-14 pairs of leaflets; stipules linear-lanceolate, acuminate, 3 mm long; petioles up to 1 cm, with a sessile truncate gland halfway between the base and the lower pairs of leaflets; rachis 7-10 cm. Flowers in supra- axillary, few-flowered, short racemes, often in pairs; bracts linear-lanceolate, c. 2 mm long; bracteoles similar, near the apex of the pedicel. Sepals lanceolate to elliptic-lanceolate, c. 8 mm long, densely appressed pubescent in the lower half. Petals yellow, obovate, glabrous, 10 by 7-8 mm. Stamens 10, subequal; filaments c. 1 mm; anthers 3.5-5 mm. Ovary and style 8-10 mm long, appressed pubescent; stigma indistinct from the style, with a bundle of hairs at the apex. Seeds 3 or 4, subrhomboidal, flat, c. 6 by 4 mm.


Asia-Tropical, Mindanao present
Malesia: Philippines (Mindanao)


de Wit 1956 – In: Webbia: 286.