Archidendron microcarpum

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Archidendron microcarpum


Small, straight-boled tree to 15 m high, bole up to 10.5 m high, 20 cm in diameter. Branchlets terete, densely puberulous or shortly tomentose, brownish when young, later on reddish and scaly. Leaves: Inflorescences terminal, densely puberulous or tomentose, consisting of pedunculate glomerules aggregated into panicles to 30 (-40) by 60 cm; Flowers pentamerous, bisexual. Stamens white or yellowish green, c. 8-11 mm, the tube equalling the corolla-tube. Ovary solitary, scarcely sericeous. Seeds black with a bluish bloom, ellipsoid, c. 7-8 by 6 mm.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present; Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present); Sumatera (Sumatera present), Bangka present
Malesia: Malay Peninsula, Sumatra (incl. Bangka), Borneo.


For notes on variation see Nielsen (1984).


Wood soft, white, only used locally for building purposes. The strong-smelling pods are reported to be used for seasoning of food in Malaya. Shoots and roots are prescribed against itch. The pounded leaves are used for rubbing the skin of patients suffering from smallpox (cf. Burkill, l.c.).


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