Pseudocyclosorus tylodes

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Pseudocyclosorus tylodes


Asia-Temperate: China Southeast (Hong Kong present), Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Burma present, Ceylon present, Lesser Sunda Is present, N. Luzon present, S.W. China present, Timor present, except N.W. present
India (except N.W.) and Ceylon, Burma to S.W. China and Hong Kong; in Malesia: Philippines (N. Luzon) and Lesser Sunda Is. (Timor). For a similar distribution, see .


It is evident from Kunze's preliminary list of species (l.c. 1851, p. 244) that he intended the specific epithet to be tylodes (from the Greek tylos, meaning a hump or knob, referring to the aerophores); the name is also so written in the description of Aspidium ochthodes where the two species are compared. Mettenius, Hooker and Beddome all adopted this spelling. It seems to me certain that the spelling xylodes on p. 281 was an error; it has no meaning. The paper was published shortly after the death of Kunze, who perhaps did not correct a proof. I regard the use of xylodes by later authors as an error, to be corrected.


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