Cyperus castaneus

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Cyperus castaneus


Stamen 1.


Asia-Tropical: India present; Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present), Banka present, Cochinchina present, Kelantan present, Krakatau present, N. Borneo present, Perak present, Tonkin present, tropical Australia present
From India, Tonkin, and Cochinchina to tropical Australia, everywhere scattered, in Malesia: Banka, Krakatau, Malay Peninsula (Perak, Kelantan), N. Borneo.


Also closely related to and possibly not specifically distinct from C. amabilis . The latter species, not known from Malesia, is mainly characterized by the very shortly mucronulate, golden or ferrugineous glumes. How- ever, in an Australian variety of C. castaneus: var. brevimucronatus , the glumes are also but shortly mucronate, and this variety is therefore only distinguishable from C. amabilis by the slightly smaller, dark glumes and the somewhat smaller nut and anther.


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