Rhysotoechia obtusa

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Rhysotoechia obtusa


Tree or shrub, 4-6 m high, outer bark grey to dark grey to light brown, middle bark light green, inner bark cream, wood of medium hardness, straw-coloured. Branchlets rough, greenish black to greyish black to reddish black; Leaves 1-4-jugate, often with a terminal leaflet; Inflorescences axillary or subterminal, paniculate, branching at the base, to 4 cm long, puber-ulous; Flowers not observed. Fruits 1.5-1.8 by 2-2.5 cm, outside smooth to slightly rugose, laxly strigose, laxly papillose, inside densely papillose; Seeds immature or only partly present, ellipsoid;


Asia-Tropical, Central Prov present, Papua New Guinea present
Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Central Prov.).