Carex bilateralis

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Carex bilateralis


Leaves shorter to longer than the stems, rigid, conduplicate, keeled, often flexuous at the long-attenuate top, scabrid, 1-2.5 mm wide when flattened out. Inflorescence with 4-6 fascicles of (1-)2-3(-5) spikelets, narrow, 5-15 cm long;


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Carstensz Mts present, Lake Habbema present, Morobe Distr present, Mt Sarawaket present, Mt Wilhelmina present, SE. to E. Asia present, Star Mts present
Malesia: New Guinea (Carstensz Mts, Lake Habbema, Mt Wilhelmina, Star Mts in W., Morobe Distr., Mt Sarawaket in E.). SE. to E. Asia.


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