Rinorea horneri

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Rinorea horneri


An undershrub (35-)60 cm to a treelet 5 m tall. Leaves spirally arranged. Inflorescences originally subtended by a few stipule-like hypophylls in the axils of the (lst-)2nd-6th leaves of twigs, or sometimes the flowering part of a twig leafless, rarely flowering on an older branchlet, consisting of a more or less contracted (sub)sessile panicle with unequal branches, the main axis to 1½ (exceptionally to 7) cm long; Sepals 2-4(-5) by 1-5(-6) mm, more or less fleshy, variously hairy, exceptionally the margins of the outer sepals recurved. Petals (2-)3-6(-8) mm long, sometimes S-shaped or with recurved top, mostly thin but sometimes fleshy. Ovary mostly hairy, sometimes glabrous, style glabrous, rarely hairy; Fruit ovoid, 10-15 mm long, glabrous, turbinately splitting, the valves thin but firm;


Asia-Tropical: Jawa (Jawa absent), Lesser Sunda Is absent, Peninsular Siam present, Solomons present
Peninsular Siam; scattered throughout Malesia except Java and the Lesser Sunda Is.; Solomons.


An undershrub (35-)60 cm to a treelet 5 m tall. Leaves dark green above, pale beneath; flowers weakly fragrant, white to pale green-yellow, the anthers pale brown. Fruit apparently green and hard at maturity.
For KING'S remark of 1896 on the occurrence of both bisexual and ♀ flowers, I found no confirmation in the material. That “the anthers have no pollen” may be due to their very early loosing it.
The name R. strobobas is sometimes found as a corruption of astrolabes.


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