Myristica inopinata

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Myristica inopinata


Tree 8-20 m. Leaves (thinly) chartaceous, (elliptic-)oblong, 12-24(-27) by 5-8 (-10) cm, base (broadly) rounded, apex (subacute or) blunt; Inflorescences as in Knema but pedunculate, between the leaves, peduncle with persistent hairs 0.5-1 mm, or late glabrescent; Fruits (submature) solitary or paired, subsessile, ovoid(-ellipsoid), 3 by 2-2.5 cm, apex (narrowly) rounded, hairs dense, rust-coloured, 2(-3) mm;


Asia-Tropical, Papua New Guinea present, Papuan Islands present, Tagula I., at Rambuso present
Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Papuan Islands known from 2 collections from Tagula I., at Rambuso).


1 Sinclair (I.e.: 202) mentioned that the male perianth towards the apex is triangular in cross section, to be seen when the dense indumentum is removed, but I think that this observation rests on an artefact caused by drying; in fact, the bud is not or only faintly angled at the apex. 2 Myristica inopinata is related to M. incredibilis and M. schleinitzii. It may be confused with M. chrysophylla by the conspicuous indumentum of flowers and fruits, but M. chrysophylla has (sub)sessile inflorescences, short pedicelled smaller flowers, and fruits with a thin pericarp.


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