Guioa amabilis

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Guioa amabilis


Shrub, 1-5 m high. Branchlets shortly sericeous, especially when young; Leaves 3-5-jugate; Inflorescences axillary to pseudoterminal, unbranched to at most branching along the terete, sericeous, 0.6-9.7 cm long axis; Flowers in bud; Sepals 5, ovate, margin pilose, with glands, outside and inside glabrous, light green; Petals still immature, 5, clawed, white, margin pilose, outside and inside glabrous; Stamens 8; Fruits with 2 or 3 well developed lobes, 1-1.2 by 1.1-1.4 cm, smooth to slightly rugose, glabrous, brownish red when fresh, blackish when dry; Seeds immature.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea (Irian Jaya present), Vogelkop present
Malesia: Irian Jaya (Vogelkop).


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