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Trees or shrubs, often root-parasites. Leaves spiral, penninerved. Flowers bisexual, fragrant, white or yellow, often heterostyled, in short racemes or corymbs; Petals 4-5 (-6), inserted on the edge of the flower axis, connate in the lower ½-⅔ to a tubular-campanulate corolla, free and revolute above, with a tuft of hairs inside the tube behind each anther. Stamens 4-5 (-6), epipetalous, the slender filaments adnate to the corolla tube for almost their full length, free at apex; Upper half of the ovary superior, included by the disk, lower half within the flower axis, 3-celled below, 1-celled above; Fruit drupaceous, subtended at base by the persistent epicalyx, crowned by the remains of calyx, disk and corolla; Seed 1;


(sub)tropical America present, Asia-Tropical, N. Sumatra present, SE. Asia present
About 24 spp., of which c. 20 in (sub)tropical America, and c. 4 in SE. Asia, one of which in Malesia (N. Sumatra).


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