Knema percoriacea

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Knema percoriacea


Tree 5-25 m. Leaves chartaceous or coriaceous, (oblong-)lanceolate, 12-40 by 2.5-9(-15) cm, apex subobtuse to acute(-acuminate), base attenuate to rounded, drying olivaceous or brown above, lower surface glabrous, not or but little papillate, with scattered hair scars (lens!); Inflorescences: Fruits 1 or 2 per infructescence, (broadly) ellipsoid, sometimes slightly flattened, 3-4.5(-5) by 2.5-3.5(-4.5) cm, with rusty hairs 1-2 mm long;


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present (Brunei present, Sabah present, Sarawak present), NE and E Kalimantan present
Malesia: Borneo (Sarawak, Brunei, Sabah, NE and E Kalimantan).


A complex species, in which three forms are distinguished. The species as a whole seems closest related to K. latericia and K. furfuracea, both with longer male flower pedicels. Knema latericia has thinner twigs, less coriaceous leaves and smaller male flowers, with a different androecium. Also K. lunduensis is related; for differences see under that species.


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