Cyperus esculentus

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Cyperus esculentus


Perennial. Leaves several, somewhat shorter or longer than the stems, rather rigid, gradually acuminate, 3-6 mm wide; Inflorescence simple or compound, rather loose to dense, (3-)5-10(-18) by (2-)4-6(-10) cm. Stamens 3;


America present, Asia-Tropical: India present, E. Java present, Farther India present, N. Queensland present, S. Africa present, the Mediterranean region present
Widely distributed: from the Mediterranean region to S. Africa and through India and Farther India to N. Queensland; abundant in America; also cultivated; in Malesia only known from a single, suspected collection: E. Java, Tosari 1915, RIDLEY; see under Carex divulsa and C. muricata (C. pairaei).


In many countries the tubers, which contain sugar and oil, are roasted and eaten. Cultivation is not reported from Malesia.
Kern knew this widely distributed species only from a single 'suspected' collection. This suspicion is now removed by Mr. A. P. Everaarts in his study on weeds of Java. He collected this species in fields (with vegetables) near Lembang and Pengalengan in West Java and on Mt Tengger (Tosari, Ngadisari) in East Java at 1300-1400 m.


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