Knema furfuracea

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Knema furfuracea


Tree 8-25 m. Leaves coriaceous, oblong or (ob)lanceolate, (10-)25-50 by (3—)5—21 cm, apex acute (-acuminate), sometimes rather blunt, base narrowly to broadly cordate; Inflorescences: Fruits 1-4 per infructescence, ovoid, subglobose, or obovoid, 2.5-3.5 by 2-2.8 cm, with rusty hairs 1-2 mm long;


Asia-Tropical: Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present, Singapore present); Sumatera (Sumatera present), Perlis absent, Southern Peninsular Thailand present, Wellesley Prov absent
Southern Peninsular Thailand and Malesia: Sumatra (sterile coll.), Peninsular Malaysia (all provinces except Perlis and Wellesley Prov.), Singapore.


2 The present circumscription of K. furfuracea is much narrower than that accepted by Sinclair (1. a). The Indochinese specimens cited by him are now referred to K. pierrei Warb. (not in Malesia); specimens from Thailand have been described as K. tenuinervia (not in Malesia); specimens cited from Sumatra have been described as K. lampongensis, those from Borneo as K. pollens', some recent specimens from Peninsular Malaysia, also resembling K. furfuracea, have been segregated as K. lamellaria. 1 Knema furfuracea is related to K. hookeriana, K. lampongensis, K. lamel-laria, and K. pollens', the leaves also resemble large-leaved specimens of K. latericia and K. lunduensis, species with non-cordate leaf bases. The pyramidal shape of the tree, and the flaking bark of K. furfuracea are similar in K. hookeriana.


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