Carex lamprochlamys

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Carex lamprochlamys


Leaves subcoriaceous, mostly basal but sometimes one halfway up the stem, shorter than the stems, linear, long-attenuate, with strongly revolute margins, vesiculose-asperous by whitish vesicles especially on the upper surface, (3-)7-10 mm wide; Inflorescence a slender, interrupted or sub- continuous, decompound panicle up to 50 cm long;


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present
Malesia: throughout New Guinea, also known from some adjacent islands.


Nelmes distinguished C. papuana from C. lamprochlamys by the narrower leaves and the darker glumes and utricles of the former. To me those differences are insufficient for specific separation. The type collection of C. tyttholepis I cannot distinguish from C. lamprochlamys.


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