Carex lateralis

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Carex lateralis


Leaves of the sterile shoots much overtopping the stems, flat, revolute on the margins, stiff, with very rough margins, asperous towards the apex, 3-7 mm wide.


Air Njuruk present, Asia-Tropical: India present; Philippines (Philippines present), Central Celebes present, Ceylon present, Flores present, Lesser Sunda Is present, Luzon present, Mindoro present, Mt Papandajan present, Mt Ranaka present, Negros present, Palembang present, Priangan present, S. Sumatra present, W. Java present
Ceylon, India; in Malesia: S. Sumatra (Palembang: Air Njuruk), W. Java (Priangan: Mt Papandajan), Central Celebes, Philippines (Luzon, Mindoro, Negros), Lesser Sunda Is.: Flores (Mt Ranaka).


The type of this species is Thwaites CP 3198 p.p., not Clarke 11061 as cited by Nelmes. Clarke's description of C. jackiana var. minor, based on this Thwaites collection and on Clarke 11061 (!) refers to the species described above. Carex jackiana var. minor is therefore synonymous with C. lateralis and cannot be maintained as a variety of C. jackiana alongside of C. lateralis, as was done by Kukenthal. Boeckeler's description of C. jackiana (), cited by Clarke in the synonymy of his var. minor, obviously refers to typical 23. C. jackiana.
Veldkamp 7130 has the entirely hairy utricles of C. lateralis, but lacks the awn on the glume; in that respect it fits in 25. C. loheri. The leaves are also intermediate between C. loheri and C. lateralis. When more material becomes available, it is not impossible that the two species will have to be united. — (Noot.)
See also note under 25. C. loheri.


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