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Shrubs or small trees, twigs puberulous. Leaves glabrous, but midrib hairy above, coriaceous. Flowers in racemes, 1-3 pedicelled flowers per bract; Stamens exceeding the perianth. Ovary ± conical;


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present
Monotypic. Malesia: New Guinea.


Gjellerupia was reduced by HATUSIMA () to Lepionurus sylvestris Bl., but VAN STEENIS (l.c.) pointed out that the observations and conclusions of HATUSIMA are erroneous and that Gjellerupia is a distinct genus. It is closely allied to Urobotrya. The male flowers of Gjellerupia show a striking similarity with those of e.g. Urobotrya siamensis. Furthermore the pollen type (LOBREAU-CALLEN, pers. comm.) and the placentation are the same in both genera.


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