Fimbristylis furva

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Fimbristylis furva


Perennial (always ?). Leaves shorter than the stems, flaccid, flat, obtuse or abruptly acuminate, glabrous, scabrid on the margins in the upper part, (1½-)2-4 mm wide; Inflorescence simple or compound, relatively small, dense to rather loose, with 4-25 spikelets, 1-5 cm long and wide. Stamens 2-3;


Am Is present, Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Australasia, Mai Kussa R present, N. Territory present, P. Trangan present, Queensland in- clusive of the islands in Torres Strait present, W. Div present, W. New Guinea present, Wassi Kussa R present, apua present, near Merauke present
Australia (N. Territory, Queensland in- clusive of the islands in Torres Strait); in Malesia: New Guinea (W. New Guinea: near Merauke; Papua: W. Div., Wassi Kussa R., Mai Kussa R.), Am Is. (P. Trangan).


The New Guinea plants are perennial. Some of the Australian collections I have seen (e.g. S. T. BLAKE 17548) are apparently annuals, which differ moreover from the perennials by the smaller glumes (1½ mm), anthers (⅔ mm), style (1 mm), and nuts (½ mm).


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