Carex commixta

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Carex commixta


Leaves herbaceous, subbasal and a few higher on the stem, equalling to much longer than the stems, linear-lanceolate, long-attenuate, tapering below (often into a pseudo-petiole), flat, light green, scabrid on the margins, 1.5-3 cm wide. Inflorescence a pale, compound, erect, much interrupted, 15-40 cm long panicle;


Annam present, Asia-Temperate: Hainan (Hainan present), Asia-Tropical: Sumatera (Sumatera present), Bencoolen present, Burma present, Lampongs present, N. Thailand present, Tonkin present, West and Central Java present
Burma, N. Thailand, Tonkin, Annam, Hainan; in Malesia: Sumatra (Bencoolen, Lampongs), West and Central Java.


The type of C. spatiosa is from Annam (Gaudichaud 67). According to Clarke, l.c., the Malesian plants should differ by the ovoid utricles with a scabrid beak 1/2-3/4 as long as the body, and according to Nelmes (1946, l.c.) by the shorter, glabrous glumes and the shorter utricles. On the whole the Indochinese specimens have longer utricles (up to 0 mm) because of the slenderer beak, but some of them are indistinguishable from the Malesian plants, which were described as C. spatiosa var. bogorensis Clarke and C. blepharolepis Nelmes.


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