Heliotropium arborescens

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Heliotropium arborescens


Perennial herb, sometimes with woody base, in its original home also shrub up to 2 m high. Leaves ovate to oblong-elliptic; petiole short, rarely 1-2 cm long; blade 4-8 by 2-4.5 cm, decurrent towards petiole, acute, upper side pubescent or becoming glabrous, lower side paler, with distinct nerves. Inflorescences with many short branchlets, scorpioid, dense, scarcely elongated in fruit, strigose to villous, ebracteate. Stamens: anthers subsessile, crested dorsally by a wavy, antrorse trichome.


Asia-Tropical: Jawa (Jawa cultivated), Southern America: Peru (Peru present)
Peru. Widely cultivated in tropical and temperate countries. Malesia: cultivated in Java and possibly elsewhere.


Backer & Bakh.f. 1965 – In: Fl. Java: 461