Hymenaea verrucosa

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Hymenaea verrucosa


Tree up to 24(-40) m tall. Stipules narrowly elliptic, c. 20 by 4-6 mm. Inflorescences paniculate, up to 35 cm long, often much shorter and few-flowered, branchlets and pedicels densely and shortly pubescent; bracts and bracteoles ovate or orbicular; pedicels 2-9 mm, articulate at base. Flowers small, white. Petals clawed and subequal, the larger ones 15-20 mm long (incl. the narrowly linear claw), limb broadly ovate or suborbiculate, 8-10 mm in diam., sometimes 2 petals minute and scale-like. Stamens unequal, up to c. 25 mm. Ovary slightly stipitate, densely hirsute at base, more or less glabrous above, 4-ovuled. Seeds ellipsoid, 13-18 by 9-12 mm, dark brown.


Africa: Seychelles (Seychelles present), Asia-Tropical: Borneo (Sabah cultivated); Jawa (Jawa cultivated), E coast of Madagascar present, Mauritius present, coast of eastern Africa present, the islands of Zanzibar present
Native to the coast of eastern Africa, the islands of Zanzibar, E coast of Madagascar, Seychelles, and Mauritius.. Introduced and planted in tropical gardens, in Malesia seen from Borneo (Sabah) and Java.


See under the genus.


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