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Trees or erect shrubs (none scandent in Mal.). Leaves spiral, sometimes sub-distichous, penninerved. Flowers in sessile (very rarely peduncled) cymes or fascicles, often from bracteolate woody warts or short axes, rarely from trunk or stem, bisexual. Petals (5-) 6 (-7) inserted on the margin of the cupular disk, fused in the lower part, fleshy, concave below and including the stamens there, with a bearded keel above the cavity. Stamens (5-) 6 (-7); Ovary with its base or for a greater part immersed in the disk, incompletely 2 (-3)-celled below, 1-celled above, with a central basal placenta bearing 2 (-3) unitegmic ovules pendent from its apex; Seed 1;


Andaman & Nicobar Is present, Asia-Tropical: Assam (Assam present); Thailand (Thailand present), Burma present, Central Africa present, Ceylon absent, Madagascar present, Old World tropics present, Pacific present, S. India present, SE. Asia present
About 15 spp. in the Old World tropics, of which 1 sp. in Central Africa, 2 in Madagascar, the rest in S. India (not in Ceylon) to Assam, Burma, Andaman & Nicobar Is., Indochina, Thailand, Malesia and the Pacific; in Malesia 3 spp., one of which also in SE. Asia.


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