Maniltoa brassii

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Maniltoa brassii


Shrub or tree mostly 5-7.5(-10) m high. Leaves 2-5-jugate; rachis 3-21 cm and petiole 0.5-1.5 cm, both pubescent, usually glabrescent. Inflorescences dense, up to 6 cm wide, the rachis 2.5-6 cm; bracts greenish brown, 2.5-3 cm long, pubescent; bracteoles 9-15 mm long; pedicels (2-)3-5(-10) mm, hairy. Sepals 4, unequal, 1-1.6 cm long. Petals creamy brown, 1.6-2 cm long, even in young buds not always all present. Stamens 32-43; filaments 15-24 mm, connate at the base for 0.25-2 mm; anthers apiculate. Ovary densely pubescent, sessile, partially to entirely enclosed by the hypanthium; style 1.4-2.5 cm. Fruits 2-2.5 by 1.5-1.8 by c. 1 cm.


Asia-Tropical, Central present, Milne Bay Provinces present, Morobe present, Papuan Islands? present
Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Morobe, Central and Milne Bay Provinces, and Papuan Islands?).


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