Dactylocladus sp.

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Dactylocladus sp.


Asia-Tropical, West New Guinea present, in peat forest along Rouffaer R present
Malesia: West New Guinea: in peat forest along Rouffaer R., the only large tree in this forest type, c. 175 m alt., DOCTERS VAN LEEUWEN 9973 (BO, L, etc.), sterile, distributed as Memecylon sp. .


Through MEIJER (l.c.) attention was drawn to this collection which was pre-identified through the uncanny form knowledge of Mr. NEDI at Bogor. Mr. G. VAN VLIET, Leyden, has examined the leaves anatomically and found no difference with the Bornean species. Dr. VAN STEENIS, who unearthed the Leyden duplicate, has found that it shares a small but significant vegetative character with the Bornean species, viz the occurrence of a shallow, rimmed cavity-like depression at the extreme base of the petiole, similar to that in e.g. Garcinia; the two small cups together envelop the terminal bud. This is not found in Memecylon.
Though in fact he found the sterile macromorphology exactly matching, we like to postpone judgement on specific status until flowers and fruit are available.
About the considerable geographical gap between Borneo and West New Guinea it can be said that true peat forest is not known from this gap at the present time. This is no explanation, however, as the same gap occurs in the genus Koom-passia (Leg.-Caes.) which is not a peat-forest tree genus; in that genus the New Guinean species is distinct from the two of the Sunda shelf.