Stephania montana

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Stephania montana


Slender climber. Leaves with gla-brous petioles 3-6 cm;


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), East New Guinea present, Luzon present
Malesia: ?Philippines (Luzon), East New Guinea.


The material I have seen of this species is incomplete. The type specimen has only one leaf and a few flower buds. Fruits are known only from CARR 14221 (BM), and these are possibly immature. Never-theless, the species appears to be distinct on account of its triangular leaves and long, slenderly branched and lax inflorescences. Only on the leaf of the type specimen are the basal corners of the lamina apiculate.
BS 23820 (in fruit) from Luzon may belong to this species, although the processes on the endocarp are transversely hooked.
Stephania formanii is represented by one collection with young male inflorescences. It probably belongs to this species.


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