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Usually dioecious shrubs to large trees up to 45 m tall. Yellowish to reddish brown soft fibrous bark weathering to gray, more or less fissured and peeling in short to long vertical strips. Leaves spirally placed, bifacially flattened, uninerved, the midrib flat or prominent, either with a distinct hypoderm or well developed accessory transfusion tissue but mostly with both, hypostomatic, or rarely with a few upper stomata, more or less narrowed at the base into a short petiole. The inverted ovule is completely enclosed in the leathery epimatium which often forms a crest at the distal end where it folds over the base of the ovule and the resulting structure is completely exposed above the receptacle. The seed is usually glaucous when immature and more or less green when mature (rarely with the seed cover becoming fleshy or flushed with red), the seed cover normally persistent even after drying.


Asia-Tropical, across the lower and southern latitudes present, all of the tropical highland forests present, throughout the Asian-Malesian tropical lowland forests present, throughout the southern temperate forests present
There are two slightly overlapping subgenera with 95 spp. across the lower and southern latitudes, throughout the southern temperate forests, all of the tropical highland forests, and throughout the Asian-Malesian tropical lowland forests with a few species reaching other tropical lowlands and others the Asian subtropics. In Malesia only subg. Foliolatus is represented. .


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