Falcatifolium falciforme

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Falcatifolium falciforme


Large shrub from 1.5 m to occasionally a large tree as much as 36 m tall, more commonly 5-12 m, 4-40 cm diam.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present (Sabah present, Sarawak present); Malaya present, Lingga present, P. Tanda present, Riouw-Lingga Arch present
Malesia: Malaya, Riouw-Lingga Arch. (Lingga: P. Tanda) and Borneo (mainly Sarawak and Sabah). .


In the forests of Mt Kinabalu the juvenile plants have smaller leaves than elsewhere, but otherwise there do not appear to be any differences. Several collections of more or less juvenile material have been made in Celebes and Central Moluccas (Obi), but these resemble more F. gruezoi of the Philippines. A single specimen from high kerangas on the Usan Apan Plateau in Sarawak has leaves in the form of adult shade leaves, but these are only 6 by 2 mm. It is called a 'young tree' but given as 24 m tall. This may well be a new species.


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