Acacia tomentosa

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Acacia tomentosa


Deciduous shrub or tree with umbelliform crown, to 10(—15) m high, stem up to 50 cm in diameter. Branchlets angular and these, as well as young leaves, inflorescences and pods densely yellowish tomentose or woolly. Leaves: Stipules spinescent, up to 4.5 cm long, straight. Inflorescences consisting of pedunculate glomerules, 1-7, in the axils of the upper leaves, peduncles to c. 2.5 cm long, involucel of bracts 0.7-1.4 cm above the base, in the lower half of the peduncle. Flowers sessile, white or yellowish white, tetra- or pentamerous. Stamens numerous, c. 5 mm long, anthers with a stipitate caducous gland at the apex of the connective. Ovary sessile, 0.8-1 mm, glabrous. Seeds elliptic to oblong, flattened, 6.5-9 by 4-5.5 cm;


Asia-Tropical: Jawa (Jawa present); Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka present); Sulawesi (Sulawesi present); Thailand (Thailand present); Vietnam (Vietnam present), Bengal present, Burma present, Madura present, S India present, Sumba present, Sumbawa present
Sri Lanka, S India, Bengal, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam; in Malesia: Java, Madura, Sumba, Sumbawa, Celebes. — .


Used for firewood.


The yellowish indumentum which was used to characterize var. chrysocoma (Miq.) Backer is found in the type-collection (from India) too, and the variety is therefore not recognized.


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