Schoenus nitens

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Schoenus nitens


Perennial, with rather slender creeping rhizome covered with purplish or brown scales. Leaves few, erect, shorter or longer than the stems, setaceous, canaliculate; Inflorescence capitate, apparently lateral, with (1-)2-6(-12) spikelets. Stamens 3.


11 km NE of Wilhelmina top present, Asia-Tropical, Australasia, Chile present, New Zealand present, South America present, W. New Guinea present
Throughout Australia and New Zealand; in Malesia: W. New Guinea (11 km NE of Wilhelmina top); the species is also in South America (Chile) in a digynous subspecies, subsp. krausei (PHIL.) KÜK.


BOECKELER transferred this species to Scirpus on account of the glumes sometimes appearing not to be exactly distichously arranged. This is due to the twisting of the spikelet (cf. Fimbristylis ovata, p. 565); the rachilla is flexuous as in most Schoenus spp. and shows the regular distichous arrangement of the glumes by the scars left when the glumes have fallen off.


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