Podocarpus sect. Polystachyus

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Podocarpus sect. Polystachyus


Leaves linear and almost blunt to lanceolate, sometimes in the same species at different stages of growth; Seed with its covering of various sizes, globular and blunt.


Asia-Temperate, Asia-Tropical, Central China present, Southern Japan present, eastern Australia present
Central China and southern Japan through Malesia to eastern Australia, 9 spp. Most of these species occur in or near China. In Malesia 3 spp.


In two species only pink ripe receptacles have been reported but in this section just as in familiar Rubus fruits, a crop of pink or red fruit is later seen to become purple or in other cases fruit bats strip off the fully ripe fruit leaving only the less ripe red, so reports of red or pink may not be conclusive. Isolated specimens may well have pollen cones in clusters of no more than 3 but a normal flush of pollen cone production will have larger clusters well represented and collectors should note this.