Sphaerostephanos canescens

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Sphaerostephanos canescens


Asia-Tropical: Maluku (Maluku present), Halmahera present, Mt Gedeh present, N. Celebes present, Tidore present, West Java present
Malesia: West Java (Mt Gedeh), N. Celebes, Moluccas (Tidore, Halmahera).


Blume (1829) stated that the name was given by Reinwardt to the specimen collected by Reinwardt in Tidore, which may have been the model for Blume's plate; Blume stated that he had also specimens from G. Gedeh (n. 908, 337-391) and these are certainly like Reinwardt's.
This species was construed in a very broad sense by Christ to include specimens which are here referred to several other species, and in part he was copied by v.A.v.R. The veins on some of the lower lobes of the apical lamina are sometimes forked as in Haplodictyum heterophyllum Presl, for which reason Ching transferred this species to Haplodictyum.


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