Uittienia modesta

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Uittienia modesta


Tree up to 30(-40) m high and 80(-100) cm in diam.; buttresses up to 5 m high, extending outward 1-2 m. Leaves glabrous, petiole 8-20 mm, petiolules very short, 2-5 mm. Inflorescences with rachis or branches up to c. 7 cm long, sparsely puberulous; bracts and bracteoles minute, narrowly triangular, acute, deciduous. Stamens: filaments c. 2 mm long. Seed one in each pod, subglobose, c. 4 cm in diam.


Asia-Tropical, Indragiri present, Palembang present, SE present, Sabah: Tawau; Kalimantan: W present, mainly E regions present
Malesia: Sumatra (Indragiri, Palembang), Borneo (Sabah: Tawau; Kalimantan: W, SE, and mainly E regions)


The timber has the same properties and uses as that of Dialium species. See