Aristolochia crassinervia

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Aristolochia crassinervia


Liana, old stem up to c. 1.5 cm ø. Leaves subcoriaceous, (5-) 8-19 by (4-) 5-12 cm; Inflorescences cauligerous, rarely also in axils of leaves, racemiform, rachis up to 3 cm long, inter-nodes very short or condensed, sometimes the bracteate flowering rachis very short and flowers appearing fascicled; Stamens 6; Capsules yellowish when mature (NGF 45343), hard, tardily dehiscent, cylindric or oblong, not ridged or angular, 2.5-4.5 by 2-3 cm, minutely granular. Seeds triangular or deltoid, 7 by 6-7 mm, not winged, rather smooth or obscurely muriculate on both surfaces;


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Malaita present, Milne Bay Distr present, Morobe present, Sepik present, Solomon Is present, Ysabel present
Solomon Is. (Ysabel, Malaita); in Malesia: New Guinea (Sepik, Morobe and Milne Bay Distr.).


Among the New Guinea species the leaves are characteristic: subcoriaceous to coriaceous, prominently palmately 5 (-7)-nerved, with a prominent closely reticulate venation, and a deeply cordate base with the auricles often overlapping.
It seems allied to A. foveolata.


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