Tinospora celebica

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Tinospora celebica


Slender woody climber, entirely glabrous. Leaves: Male and female flowers and inflorescences unknown.


Asia-Tropical, Gorontalo present, N. Celebes present
Malesia: N. Celebes (Gorontalo); 1 coll.


A unicate from Sarawak may belong to this species (S 36766), at c. 530 m in poor forest with mostly small trees and numerous climbers on igneous derived brownish-yellow sandy soil. Its leaves have the very characteristic shape of those of T. celebica except that the short lobes of the hastate base are bluntly pointed and not acute; the petioles are shorter, being about 3 cm. The single detached pseudo-racemose infructescence (unknown in T. celebica) is 19 cm long; the fruits are borne on slender pedicels 5-8 cm, each terminating in a narrow clavate carpophore 4 mm long. The drupes have slightly larger endocarps, 10 by 6 mm, and are more prominently ornamented with thin ridges irregularly interrupted and sometimes divided into sharp points; the surface of the endocarp is generally rough.
With so very little material known of both the Celebes and Sarawak plants, it is not possible to be sure of the significance of the differences and whether or not these two specimens are conspecific.


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