Myristica colinridsdalei

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Myristica colinridsdalei


Tree 18-40 m, dbh 40-50 cm. Leaves coriaceous, ± crowded; Inflorescences ± crowded, between or below the leaves, peduncle absent as in Knema, brachyblast scar-covered, simple or usually forked, to 10 mm, short-pubescent, glabrescent; Fruits (measurements of material in spirit) single (or 2) per infructescence, sub-globose or ovoid(-ellipsoid-)oblong, 6-7 by 4-5 cm, hairs dense, short, dark brown, 0.1-0.2 mm (hence ovary pubescent);


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Isabela Prov present, NE Luzon present, Palanan area endemic
Malesia: Philippines (NE Luzon, Isabela Prov.; endemic to the Palanan area).


The almost whorled lateral branching, and leaves that are somewhat clustered near the apex of the orthotropic main shoot, are possibly typical for the species. All collections were made in areas with ultrabasic bedrock.