Scleranthus singuliflorus

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Scleranthus singuliflorus


Perennial, tufted, mat-forming herb. Leaves glabrous, linear, 4-7 mm long, acute to apiculate, 1-nerved, nerve ± prominent on lower side, margin with scattered papillae, particularly in lower half. Flowers solitary, sessile to subsessile; Sepals glabrous, linear, apiculate, with scarious margin. Stamens 1-3, c. 0.8 mm, filaments filiform below the anthers, widening downwards forming a low filament cup, anthers minute. Ovary ellipsoid;


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present (Irian Jaya present), Australasia, Papua New Guinea present
Australia and Malesia: New Guinea (Irian Jaya and Papua New Guinea).


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