Atalaya salicifolia

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Atalaya salicifolia


Treelet up to 15 m high, dbh up to 40 cm. Branchlets greyish brown, terete, rather densely minutely lenticellate, glabrous except for the sparsely appressed short-hairy tips, furthermore glabrous. Leaves 1-3-jugate (according to Blume sometimes ternate or 1-foliolate); Inflorescences paniculate, 15-25 cm long; Sepals with a broad, membranous, short-ciliate margin, outer nearly semi-orbicular, c. 2 mm diam., inner nearly orbicular, c. 3 mm diam. Petals obovate-cuneate, concave, short-clawed, c. 3 by 2.5 mm, outside sparsely hairy near the base, rather long ciliate at the base; Stamens in male flowers 3 mm long, filaments 2.5 mm long; Fruits glabrous, samarae c. 2.5 cm long, wing 1 cm wide, straight. Seeds subovoid, c. 7.5 by 4 mm.


Asia-Tropical: Lesser Sunda Is. present, Australasia, Leti present, Sumba present, Sumbawa present, Timor present
Malesia: Lesser Sunda Islands (Sumbawa, Sumba, Timor, and Leti); Australia.


The petals are unequal: the two upper ones are very concave and slightly oblique and their scales are deeply bilobed, the others are slightly concave, not oblique, and have nearly orbicular scales.


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