Schuurmansiella angustifolia

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Schuurmansiella angustifolia


Shrub up to 7 m high. Leaves linear-oblong, 8-17 by ¾-1½ cm, long acuminate at apex, ± tapering at base, chartaceous, margin serrulate, nerves 0.5-1 mm apart. Stipules up to 12 by c. mm. Inflorescences c. 15 cm long; Flowers erect. Sepals ± linguiform, 1-1¼ by 0.75-1 mm. Petals ovate, 3½-4½ by 1¾-2¼ mm, distinctly reflexed. Stamens with flattened filaments ½-1 mm long, purplish; Ovary ovoid, c. 1.2 by 0.7 mm; Fruit ellipsoid, sub-trigonous in cross-section, c. 8½ by 3 mm. Seeds 0.5-1 by 0.2-0.5 mm, tomentose.


Asia-Tropical, NW. Borneo present, Sarawak, 1st and 4th Div present
Malesia: NW. Borneo (Sarawak, 1st and 4th Div.).


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