Sphaerostephanos lobatus

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Sphaerostephanos lobatus


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Luzon present
Malesia: Philippines (Luzon, many collections), in forest at 700-1000 m.


On Mt Makiling a large form of this species, above described, is common. On mountain s further north are plants (including the type) with shorter abruptly pointed pinnae but closely similar in pubescence and in reduced pinnae to the plants on Mt Makiling. Copeland placed most of the Mt Makiling plants in Cyclosorus bordenii (here included in Sphaerostephanos heterocarpus). He failed to notice the reduced basal pinnae of the type of C. lobatus. The plants here named S. sessilipinna and S. urdanetensis are very similar to the type of S. lobatus except in size of pinnae.


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