Thottea macrantha

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Thottea macrantha


Herb woody at base, or shrub-like, up to 4 m high. Leaves chartaceous to subcoriaceous, obovate to oblanceolate, elliptic-oblong, or lanceolate, (13-) 25-36 (-41) by (5-) 8-12.5 (-21) cm; Inflorescences axillary, 1-3, often in axils of foliage leaves, simple or sparsely branched, spiciform or racemiform, rarely paniculiform, up to 7 cm long, pubescent; Stamens in 1 whorl, 9-12, patent or reflexed; Capsules erect, elongate, up to 11 cm long, 4-angular, pubescent, glabrescent. Seeds ellipsoid, c. 3 by 1.5 mm, transverse-rugose.


Asahan present, Asia-Tropical, Atjeh present, Deli present, Hort. Bog cultivated, Ketambe present, Northern Sumatra present, Sibo-langit present, Taram present
Malesia: Northern Sumatra (Atjeh, Sibo-langit, Taram, Ketambe, Deli, Asahan). Cultivated in Hort. Bog. sub n. XI-B-XIII-133.


RIDLEY described T. hirsuta to have 2 whorls of stamens, but the single flower of the type I examined has the stamens in one whorl.


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