Macrothelypteris torresiana

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Macrothelypteris torresiana


Asia-Tropical, Australasia: Queensland (Queensland present), Japan present, Mascarene Islands present, New World present, Northern America: Florida (Florida present), Pacific: Hawaii present, Polynesia present, warmer parts of mainland Asia present
Mascarene Islands; warmer parts of mainland Asia and Japan; Malesia; Queensland, Polynesia, Hawaii; adventive at various places in the New World from Florida southwards.


Gaudich aud described this species very carefully, but his description was overlooked, and there is much confusion in the literature between this species, M. setigera and M. polypodioides. The first author to distinguish it clearly was Ching, under the name Thelypteris uliginosa (1936) but Backer & Posthumus (1939) ignored the distinction between T. uliginosa and T. setigera. See also note under M. polypodioides.


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