Myristica tristis subsp. louisiadensis

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Myristica tristis subsp. louisiadensis


Leaves thickly membranous, olivaceous, rather many-nerved but the lateral nerves faint on both surfaces, venation faint; Male and female flowers not seen. Fruits solitary, subglobose, 2.5 cm diameter, hairs dull brown, minute;


Asia-Tropical, Louisiade Archipelago present, Papua New Guinea present, Rossel I present, Tagula I present
Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Louisiade Archipelago: Tagula I.; possibly Rossel I.).


Brass 28302 (Rossel I.) vegetatively agrees with the type, but the fruits deviate by a more ellipsoid shape and thinner pericarp.


W.J. de Wilde 1997 – In: Blumea: 186