Sogerianthe sessiliflora

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Sogerianthe sessiliflora


Glabrous or the flower buds rusty tomentose. Leaves opposite; lamina ovate, 6-14 by 3-5 cm, cuneate to truncate at the base to a petiole 3-5 mm long, shortly acuminate and acute or obtuse at the apex, dull on both sides; venation distinct, slightly more prominent below. Inflorescences many at the nodes; pedicel 0.5-2 mm long, articulate near the middle or with the peduncular segment obsolete and then apparently not articulate; bracts apparently 2 (owing to complete or nearly complete fusion of two of the three bracts), 2-3 mm long, 2-4 mm wide, acute, imbricate and enveloping the ovary.


Manus I present, New Britain present, New Ireland present, Solomon Islands present, eastern mainland New Guinea present
Solomon Islands; Malesia: eastern mainland New Guinea, Manus I., New Britain, New Ireland.


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