Myristica ingrata subsp. ingrata

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Myristica ingrata subsp. ingrata


Tree 5-20 m. Leaves thinly chartaceous; Fruits broadly (ovoid-)ellipsoid, 2.5 cm long.


Asia-Tropical, northern E Papua Barat present, northern and southern Papua New Guinea present
Malesia: northern E Papua Barat, northern and southern Papua New Guinea.


1 NGF 48095 (Foreman) has mature fruits among flowers in the same inflorescence. 2 Myristica ingrata can be confused with M. subalulata but is clearly distinguishable by the ovoid male perianth, persistent bracteole, and generally larger fruits with stout fruiting pedicel. Male flowers of M. ingrata are rather similar to those of the related M. hollrungii.