Myristica schleinitzii

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Myristica schleinitzii


Tree 5-15(-20) m. Leaves membranous or thinly chartaceous, elliptic(-oblong), 7-27 by 2.5-12 cm, base rounded or shallowly cordate, sometimes subacute, apex narrowed with blunt tip; Inflorescences between the leaves and below, glabrescent, paniculate, with flattened peduncle; Fruits solitary or 2-6 per infructescence, ellipsoid or oblong, 2-3.5(-4) by 1-1.7 cm, apex (sub)acute, base (sub)acute or narrowed into an up to 5 mm long pseudo-stalk, hairs mealy, pale brown, 0.1-0.2 mm, glabrescent except very base and apex;


Asia-Tropical: Bismarck Archipelago (Bismarck Archipelago present), Bougainville present, Central Prov present, Madang present, Milne Bay present, Morobe present, New Britain present, New Georgia Group present, New Hanover present, New Ireland present, Northern? present, Novatana present, Papuan Islands present, Santa Isabel present, Solomon Islands present, W & E Sepik present, d'Entrecasteaux present, northern part of Papua New Guinea present
Malesia: northern part of Papua New Guinea, (W & E Sepik, Madang, Morobe, Northern?, Milne Bay, and Central Prov. one collection); Papuan Islands (d'Entrecasteaux); Bismarck Archipelago (New Hanover, New Ireland, New Britain); Solomon Islands (Bougainville, Santa Isabel, Novatana, New Georgia Group).


Related to M. rosselensis, M. garciniifolia (habitat similar, Papua Barat), and M. inopinata, the latter two with stouter leaves. Myristica schleinitzii is a homogeneous species, characterized by paniculate inflorescences with flattened peduncle, elegant yellowish twigs with small- or medium-sized leaves, often with subcordate base, greenish on drying, papillose on lower surface (lens!), and by rather small subglabrous fruits in pedunculate infructescences.


Aril used for nail varnish.


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